WIPOS Testimonial

Adrianna Shy

Department of Chemistry
Brandeis University

WIPOS 2022 brought me to Hawaii for the first time, and it was a wonderful experience. Not only was Hawaii itself amazing but I got to meet a lot of great people from both industry and academia who shared their scientific knowledge and career advice. This was important to me as I was looking for jobs and postdoc positions at the time. They told me of their own experiences upon leaving grad school, and happily shared their opinions on careers in industry versus academia. Unfortunately, I arrived at the conference a day late due to flight delays, but Laszlo and his team were accessible by email and defused my worries on missing out. Everyone was very kind, and while I am not an organic chemist by training, I found the lectures to be insightful and the presenters did a great job in explaining their work. Another highlight of WIPOS is the food. We were provided with a variety of foods for a light breakfast, and a phenomenal feast for lunch. As if that wasn’t enough, we were spoiled with a plentiful dinner at the Famous Chef Chai Restaurant. We were given five different appetizers, and my table was stuffed before the entrées came, but we made room as the food looked so amazing. Conferences are a time to share and learn scientific findings, which can be intimidating sometimes with a mix of postdocs, PI’s, and grad students. I think Laszlo and team made a great decision in hosting the conference in Hawaii as it gives everyone a chance to relax from work and in such a serene place lowers the barrier that younger students may feel towards talking to accomplished postdocs and PI’s. I am very grateful for my time at WIPOS, and to the organizing committee and Rice University for the Diversity & Inclusion award I received, as it offset some of the registration costs to attend the conference. I had a great time at WIPOS, and I hope it leaves a great impression on future students as well.